Getting in the zone, overcoming fears, growing, performing, mindfulness, presence & awareness!

This book delves deep into the realm of accomplishing goals, finding your flow, and making a meaningful impact, all while cultivating a profound sense of peace and tranquility. Doug demonstrates how to achieve peak performance while staying attuned, aligned, and spiritually connected. Within these pages, you will discover an array of techniques, mindsets, and practical life skills designed to evoke an astounding sense of well-being, comprehend the requirements for reaching that state, and effectively maintain it. Each day, every moment presents an opportunity for growth and a new sense of freedom. This book is a virtual toolbox for enhancing this state of mind, self-awareness, and situational awareness alike.

Doug shares his wisdom, step by step, on how to mindfully get in the zone for optimal performance, secure a new level of understanding and balance, free yourself from limiting thoughts, and confidently attain success personally and professionally without sacrificing the extraordinary peace of mind that is elusive in today's fast-paced world. His own real-life experience consistently generating top performance while helping and uplifting others has inspired him to share his insights through this book. With his proven mind hacks, spiritual practices, positive attitude, and techniques, he equips you with experiential life skills aimed at creating a better world for you to thrive in. Every day, every moment becomes an invitation to deepen your self-understanding playfully and energetically. Allow Doug to serve as a positive influence in your life and the lives of others around you. He embraces a win-win philosophy with a warm smile and a positive outlook. 

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Dedicated to the discussion of and analysis of the fact that everything ends...and how we deal with that mentally!

FLOW STATES....getting in the ZONE!

FLOW STATES. How to get there, why it matters, awareness, energy dynamics, fear, anxiety, worry, desire, control & SKILL!


Attachments, wanting, needs, error, mistakes, blame, forgiveness, LOVE...endings!

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